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Some things are obvious, but sometimes we do things that we may not realize could end up jeopardizing our facebook accounts entirely. Unfortunately, rarely can people get their accounts back as Facebook doesn't have time or put enough effort to investigate certain matters deeply.

In a nutshell, I got this information from this great informational source that gives you very specific details as to what certain people have done that got their accounts banned:

Your Facebook account can be deactivated if:

  • You send “too many” friend requests in one day/session/week.
  • You make “too many” wall posts in one day/session/week – especially if the posts have identical content and links.
  • You copy and paste the same friend request message “too many” times.
  • You send “too many” identical emails to individual friends and/or friend lists.
  • You send messages to your Group members “too many” times.
  • You “poke” too many people (please tell me you’re not poking people!)
  • You message your Event invitees “too many” times.
  • You join too many groups.
  • You post too many promotional links.

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