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Well, job counts don't really matter what jobs you are using your energy for that counts...such as looting weapons, mastering tiers, or etc....if you are for appearance of stats....than just keep doing the 1 energy jobs and adding skill points towards energy....the lower levels are probably only putting skill points towards energy and have no knowledge of the game....focus on your attack and defend...depending on what account you are trying to Attack account would place points towards attack and Defense account would place points towards defense and health (300 Max Health should be ok)...if your looking just to do jobs and nothing else...make your self a Energy account by placing skill points towards your energy and defense....

From Nick:

I would like to add some thoughts to the above answer. You may be wondering how lower level people have higher job counts. The answer is that they are probably doing the first tier of many jobs, which go rather quickly, and skipping ahead to other areas -- for example, doing NY Boss Tier 1, then doing the first Cuba tier without finishing Boss 2 and 3, which take *much* longer.

This approach has pros and cons. It allows people to quickly move through the first tiers and gather loot drops, and to gain a skill point for finishing the tier.

But, it also deprives the player of the bonus that comes from completing all three tiers in a category: special boosts in New York, and powerful weapons in Moscow and Cuba. And eventually they have to return to jobs they left behind and refresh their arsenals for specific items needed.

People who rush into high Moscow levels without finishing most or all of their tiers are far weaker than they would be otherwise. Sometimes they are revealed when you see a level 150 with Russian items get clobbered by a level 90 with only Cuban items, even though the level 90 has a smaller mafia.

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