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Several players have reported a problem when they add a Russian doll to their wish list, then give the item away or otherwise lose it from their inventory. This seems to make the wish list stop working. If this could apply, try removing all Russian dolls from your wish list.

Regarding can't add to mafia, do you mean you can't approve requests? That is, they appear but are not added? Or have you possibly exceeded your quota and are a day behind?

Regarding gifts, do you mean holiday gifts that come in wrapped boxes, free holiday loot or all gifts of all types? The gift schedule for holiday (wrapped) gifts has changed from daily to monthly, unless you pay Godfather coins to advance it.

In general, if the game works poorly, reboot your browser, empty the cache if applicable, close other apps you aren't using, take Facebook chat offline and as a last resort, restart your computer. You may also want to see if it works better in another browser, but I am not sure which browsers besides Firefox, if any, are supported.

You can use the "quick response" button in the Forums (link at top right of game page) to post help questions and bookmark them. Check in an hour; often you will have several solid answers or suggestions.

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