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Botoholic runs from the person's computer and acts as a separate browser. There is no way to tell if your neighbor is running it, however there are ways you may be able to tell:

  • User visits your farm EVERYDAY to help, and fertilizes your crops, but fails to un-wither your crops (the bot doesn't care to revive crops unless ALL your crops are withered).
  • User visits your farm, but does not leave you an item in your feed, checks your greenhouse, or feed through. The bot bypasses ALL of those.

That said, it is very hard to tell because many people may choose to do whatever they want when they visit your farm.

There are two things the bot ALWAYS does:

  • Feed your chickens
  • Fertilize crops

The bot DOES NOT post ANYTHING into the feed, the user MUST do that, when they come back to their farm or click on the alerts while the bot is in use.

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