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You need to create a new album that will only be visible to those that you choose.

  • Sign into Facebook and click on the upper left corner Facebook logo.
  • On your upper right you will see "Home", "Profile" and "Account" tabs.
  • Click on the "Profile" tab.

This will take you to your profile, very much in the way most people see your profile.

Now look toward the left menu, under your picture, you can see the words:

Facebook selecting pictures

Figure One

  • Wall
  • Info
  • Photos
  • Notes
  • Friends
  • Click on "Photos"
  • Now you should see an upper right button called "Upload Photos"
Facebook selecting pictures2

Figure Two

  • You will be given a dialog to choose your pictures. Make sure to "Shift + Click" to select multiple photos.
  • When you start uploading the pictures you will see a dialog that looks like this (see: figure three).
Facebook protecting pictures

Figure Three

  • In the section where it says "Share Album With:" make sure to select Custom.
  • Next you will see that you're given the option to select "specific people", or "only me".
Facebook protecting pictures2

Figure Four

  • For "specific people", make sure to type one by one, the people you want to share this album with. Nobody else will be able to see it, except you.

Tips: As you can see on figure four there is also an option to hide the album from certain people. Useful for when you want to show off your album to all, except for a person or two. Make sure you type the name well, and save your settings.