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The only way to get FarmVille cash is by buying it via paypal or credit card, etc. You can't get Farmville "dollars"/"cash" for free at this time. There are many petitions out there to have this changed.

You can also get it a harder way, this is by earning ribbons/achievements. Everytime you earn a ribbon you automatically recieve 1 free Cash (really? i've got almost all my ribbons and my fv cash is less than 40; i am a level 40 farmer and used around 10fv dollars total; so, where is all my fv cash for all my ribbons?)

Although the game is free to play, the company would like people to buy Farm Dollars with real money to buy specialized items, so that they can use the real money to help offset the expenses of running the game servers. 1 answer: Move up alot Another answer:

I am currently at level 23 with Facebook's Farmville (FV). I have been able to "earn" Farmville cash or dollars in several ways, without buying them: increase in ones level, purchases of high ticket items, gaining experience points (xp), moving up in the ribbon status, repetitive plantings (related to xp's), and by taking advantage of the "free" offers when you click on the "Need more " button link and maneuvering to the bottom portion (sometimes these are not really free and often the promised dollars never materialize, but I have received well over 20 FV dollars from this activity). his all takes time and patience, but if you continually plod along with the game the FV dollars will eventually appear. Yes, it is a slooooow process. I believe, but have not yet been able to verify, that there is an algorithm (mathematical equation) running in the background of each account that keeps track of the activity. When certain predetermined point levels are reached for the various game activities (that are different values based on complexity) the Farmville cash is awarded. Nothing scientific here, just my observations on the game so far.

Someone else states: (not any cannot do the free offers due to lawsuits against Farmville)

Complete the free offers, best ones are the ones saying 'reach final steps'. Just go through it all, putting in false information so you dont get spammed. once you reach the final steps page take a screen shot and close the brower. You should get your farmville cash within a minute, if not then go back onto the missing farm cash area and click on the customer support, type in your question of 'where is my farm cash etc..' and post a link to your screenshot taken earlier. Wait approx. 1-3hrs and you will have your farmville cash, along with a sorry email from the support for your troubles lol. This is the best and real only way of getting a good amount, I have got about 300 farm cash from doing this offers as ther is no limit, so just do them all lol. Makes it easy to get the Manor.